My name is Cynthia Lok, and I am a songwriter/worship artist from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I am passionate in leading people in worship to encounter Jesus in an intimate way so that they can experience His comfort, healing, and freedom. My lyrics reflect my raw and honest prayers to God with fresh new pop sounds.

In my latest album release “Bitter Into Sweet”, I intimately share my transformative experiences and profound encounters with God, which were written during my most challenging moments (marital turmoil, strained parent-child relationships and plummeting mental health) over the last decade.

With songs such as "Bitter Into Sweet" "What A Friend" and “My Home," my hope and prayer is that even as you encounter your darkest moments - through the trials, the bitterness and the unknown, that you can experience the joy of God's friendship even in the midst of them.

I am so honoured to have been awarded two GMA Covenant Awards in 2023 for Adult Contemporary Song of the Year ("My Home") and Collaboration of the Year ("My Home") and that several of my songs have had airplay on Canadian Christian Radio.

I wouldn't be able to do any of this without my loving and very supportive family - Hanson, my two children, Evan and Kara, and my two Shiba Inu doges, Yuki and Kiba.

I'd LOVE to connect with you, please join my community and get in touch.

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